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Services Available

Traditional Ground Burial

Each of our cemeteries has gardens or sections to choose from.

Gethsemane Memorial Park offers 4 gardens, the Garden of Christus, the Garden of Devotion, the Veteran Garden, and the Garden of Compassion.

Carteret Memorial Gardens offers 6 gardens; Lakeview, Memorial 1A, Memorial 2A, Memorial 2B, Memorial 2C, and the Prichard Lewis Memorial Garden.

Forest Oaks Memorial Gardens offer Section I and Section II.

In addition to the various gardens, Gethsemane Memorial Park offers private family estates. The estates can encompass as many spaces as your family wishes. The private family estate lots are bordered by river stones and shrubs.

Mausoleum Entombment

Mausoleum entombment is available in a community mausoleum or in a private individual, companion,
or family mausoleum.
Private individual, companion, and family mausoleums may be placed at the cemeteries. Special areas,
such as the private family estate lots, are available for mausoleum placement.
Community mausoleums offer many spaces and are available to anyone.

Gethsemane Memorial Park and Forest Oaks Memorial Gardens have community mausoleums. The mausoleum at Gethsemane Memorial Park does not have any remaining spaces available for casket entombment. The community mausoleum at Forest Oaks Memorial Park has spaces available.

Cremation Niche

Gethsemane Memorial Park and Forest Oaks Memorial Gardens both offer niche spaces inside the community mausoleum.

All niches are individual and can accommodate one urn. Please consult our office for the urn size restrictions.


Cremation Bench
A wonderful option for urn placement is in a granite bench placed near a tree, walkway, or feature.
There are several styles of granite benches designed to house urns as a permanent memorial of a life well lived.

Some cremation benches can hold up to four urns allowing multiple members, of one family, to be together.

Private Columbaria

Private Columbaria are available in a wide range of color choices. They are designed with either two or
four niches with or without a flower vase. Just as with the benches, the private columbaria can be
placed near a tree or near a walkway.

Cremation Garden

Gethsemane Memorial Park offers a garden dedicated to the burial of cremated remains. The elegant
angel feature overwatches the garden. Each space is sold with a permanent memorial that holds
cremated remains.

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